Advanced Bicycle Mechanics Classes

At Freewheelin’ aprons are used in the same way as karate belts: to mark a student’s level of mastery. Each apron color (Green, Red, Purple and Black Apron) indicates a specific level of mastery over particular skills. Kids build their confidence with each new apron and can mentor other youths to build their skills. Green Apron – Awarded upon successfully completing an Earn-A-Bike class. Red Apron – Red apron focuses on measuring and sizing as well as fine adjustments. After completing red apron a youth will be able to:
  • Use a tire gauge and understand the SI unit KPA and PSI
  • Identify bicycle cables and measure them correctly
  • Measure chain wear and size a chain
  • adjust indexed derailleurs and understand precision vs accuracy
  • adjust brakes, and have a basic understanding of kinetic energy, heat and entropy.
Purple Apron – Focuses on a deeper understanding of components. The adjustment of bearing systems and components overhauls are introduced. Upon completing the purple Apron, a Youth would be able to assemble a new bike from a box which is often part of an interview at a bike shop. Black Apron – The highest level of Apron takes a bit more practice. A black apron will be tested on proper diagnostic procedure, be able to balance competing factors like those in truing a wheel. They must demonstrate good use of inquiry based learning as well as Industry nomenclature for standardized systems like headsets and bottom brackets.
There is a registration fee for the Advanced Apron Classes. This is part of your “investment” in your son or daughter’s participation in our program.
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