Advanced Bicycle Mechanics Classes

At Freewheelin’, apron colors are used in the same way as in karate belts: to mark a student’s level of mastery. Each apron color (Green, Red, Purple and Black Apron) indicates a specific level of mastery over particular skills and principles. Kids build their confidence with each new apron and can mentor other youths to build their skills.
Yellow Apron Workshop– (coming soon) This workshop is for ages 8-9 who would like to get an idea of what our EAB programs look like. In this course students will learn Bike safety, traffic signs, helmet and bike sizing, and learning how to ride with traffic. 
Green Apron – This is a pre-requisite for the advanced mechanics classes below.  Click here for more information about the Green Apron/Earn-A-Bike class. Red Apron – Introduces Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts.
STEM aspects include:
    • Fine adjustment
    • Precision vs. accuracy
    • Chain pitch and measuring wear
    • Friction
    • Tension
    • Compression
SEL aspects include:
    • Asking open-ended questions
    • Mirroring and active listening
    • Emotional Labor
    • The reflexive relationship between physiology, emotions, and mechanical work
Purple Apron – Provides the opportunity to level-up mechanical skills with the introduction of adjustments to all major bearing systems, wheel truing, and a deep dive into gearing.  Additional SEL aspects are also introduced.
STEM concepts added:
    • Mechanical stress
    • Leverage
    • Ratios
    • Torsion
SEL concepts added:
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Reflective and reflexive practices
    • Stress and its impact on the body and relationships
The Purple Apron includes an opportunity to practice assembling a bike new from the box, which is a valuable skill when seeking entry level employment with bike shops.
Black Apron – Focuses on the overhaul of all major systems of the bike, and includes disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling a bike and replacing parts. This capstone course requires students to meet high standards, with an eye toward mastering competencies required by employers.
SEL concepts added:
    • Showing respect
    • Kindness
    • Empathy
At the Black Apron level, learners are able to identify their individual interests to ensure they they will stay engaged in a lifetime of learning.

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Participant Must Have Earned Green Apron to be Eligible