Beers and Gears Build Nights

About Beers and Gears Build Nights

Beginning in February and concluding in December, we invite adults 21+ to join us in the back shop most Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm (see the Events Calendar), where you can learn the skills needed to help refurbish bikes for participants in our Green Belt (Earn-a-Bike) program. The first 20-40 minutes includes an optional lesson from our talented bike mechanics on one aspect of bike repair. The rest of the time, you have the opportunity to practice that skill and others several times on different bikes. (Don’t worry, every bike we use is finished by a professional mechanic). We repeat the curriculum a few times throughout the year. You are also welcome to help harvest parts from bikes or work on bikes for youth programs at your pace while the clinic is happening.

The Last Thursday of the month is “Open Bike Night!” If you have volunteered at BEERS and Gears once in the month, feel free to come and bring your own project. You will have our professional mechanics to help problem solve and access to professional tools.

Lessons include:

  • Adjust and re-cable Brake Systems
  • Adjust and re-cable Derailleur Systems
  • Headset identification and overall
  • Bottom Bracket identification and adjustment
  • Wheel Truing and Tension Balancing
  • Hub Adjustment and Overhaul

Special Topics
  • Electronic Shifting Systems
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Suspension Overhauls
  • Tubeless. Setups
  • Heritage Quality Tools

Interested in volunteering?

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