Beers and Gears Build Nights

About Beers and Gears Build Nights

Beginning in February and concluding in December, we invite adults 21+ to join us in the back shop most Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm (see the list below and the Events Calendar), where you can learn the skills needed to help refurbish bikes for participants in our Green Apron (Earn-a-Bike) program. The first 20 minutes includes an optional lesson from our talented bike mechanics on one aspect of bike repair. The rest of the time, you have the opportunity to practice that skill and others several times on different bikes. (Don’t worry, every bike we use is finished by a professional mechanic). We repeat the curriculum a few times throughout the year. You are also welcome to help harvest parts from bikes or work on bikes for youth programs at your pace while the clinic is happening.

Special Beers and Gears Process During COVID-19 Times:

During this time of COVID-19 we cannot conduct our usually Beers and Gears events in our normal way.  However, we are in need of people who possess mechanical skills of varying degrees and can help us restore bicycles for our youth.   

To accommodate our social distancing practices of maintaining six feet, wearing masks, not sharing tools and working outside:

We will be hosting Build Nights outdoors in our parking lot every Thursday evening between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 pm (BYOB).  We will have bikes with varying level of needed repair chosen for you to work on as soon as you arrive.  In order to ensure that we don’t have too many people working at the same time and that we have the various skillsets available to perform needed repairs, we ask that you fill out the sign-up form below.  You can submit the form once, every week, or less often – whatever works for you.

Please indicate the Thursdays you can join us and check off any the mechanical tasks you feel competent to perform.  We will not be able to teach any new skills at this time, so please choose those skills you know you can complete without instruction.  We will need some folks who have elementary skills to perform very valuable tasks, so please don’t count yourself out.

We will review the list of available volunteers each week and will send you an email to request your assistance for given Thursday night.

We are hopeful we can return to our normal Beers and Gears routine soon.  But please know that your help right now in fixing up bicycles for our youth is greatly needed and we so appreciate your willingness to help.


Beers and Gears

7:00pm | Tickets: Free