Donation Days

All things donation days

We need bike shop quality bikes for transportation to provide for the youth in our Earn-a-Bike programs. We use other styles of bikes as our youths’ interests’ leads for our Bike Lab. Other bikes, like those from big box stores, will be used for parts. We also accept used parts and accessories. If bikes don’t fit the youth in our program but would fit adults, we will refurbish them to offer a low-cost option for private transportation, fitness or recreation.

To make sure that we don’t interrupt our programs and can keep our retail shop tidy and welcoming to the community, please plan to come to our Monthly Donation Day.

If you drop by, we may not be able to accept your generosity at that time. Our staff will likely be busy providing programming for the youth in our community or attending to customers. If you have a situation that prevents you from coming to our donation day you can call ahead to find out a good time to coordinate a drop-off. If you have bikes that don’t roll or a volume larger than one person can carry, we are unable to receive your generosity outside of our donation days.

We need rags to keep things clean. Please feel free to cut up old (washed) t-shirts and towels into approximately 10” x 10” sections. You can drop by with rags anytime! Thanks!

Volunteer on Donation Day or Garage Sale Day and you can get first dibs on all things for Sale.

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